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Food & Wine Magazine: America’s Most Decadent Potato Dishes

Time Out New York: 26 Best Tacos

The London Times: Manhattan's secret bites

The New York Times: Diner's Journal

New York Magazine

Metro Mix: Chef Shots, Sue Torres

Top Chef Masters

Grub Street: April Bloomfield Thinks the Shredded Beef Tacos at Sueños Are Perfect

Time Out New York

Food & Wine Magazine

Featured in New York Magazine's Cookbook, In Season

Chef Sue Torres was featured in Bobbi Brown's Book, Pretty Powerful

The Chef's Connection

Eat This New York: Top 100 Best Dishes by Time Out New York: Torres Tots at PDT

Gourmet Latino Festival: Tastemaster

The Hot Latin Diet Book

Ny Daily News: Women chefs shake up Mexican dining

Food Network: Cinco de Mayo Across the Country

Zagat (Chile-ing with Sue Torres)

Sue Torres Joins Board of DecadesOut

James Beard Foundation: Day of the Dead Dinner

Tasting Table

NBC Latino



Channel Thirteen: Get the Math- Math in Restaurants
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All Top Chef: Exit Interview


Martha Stewart: Guacamole

Star Chefs: Multiple Recipes

Damn! Recipes: Sue's Guacamole

Food and Wine: Multiple Recipes

TimeOutNY: Massa

Im in The Kitchen: Salsa Rachera

NBC Latino: Cochinita Pibil

Bon Appetit: Coriander Chicken Tostadas

Smitten Kitchen: Migas with Tomato Chipotle Coulis



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